It was weekend again, friday and we had sailed to our secret island where we have been many times. It’s little bit larger than many other islands and have permanent settlement and some cottages to rent. We wanted to pick some blueberries and knew there would be good forest to seek after them. And we got few litres and were just cleaning them in the harbour.

There was ferry coming to the dock and some people were waiting with cars to get on ferry. I saw one group of people further on road and thought they were from nearby house. After ferry went away again I saw that the group came near and there were 7 people, perhaps family, 2 elder a couple, and kids in various ages. Then the 2 women and a girl age about 10, came to see what I was doing and started to discuss with me. They spoke english and I started to discuss with them.

It turned out that they were in holiday and staying in one of the islands cottages. They had been there almost 2 weeks. And were feeling little stucked there. The only way out of the island was the ferry that arrived few times a day, early in the morning and then at afternoons and evenings.

The mother of the family asked me about blueberries and I told her that I found also mushrooms, orange ones and she immediately knew that I ment kanttarelli/Chanterelle. She had been in Finland many times so the hole family. Hey! What Finnishlovers we have here! Guite interesting, thought I. And that was too interesting that they were french. Hardly never met french people in Finland earlier, I mean really discussed with them.

The men of the family stayed further and just looked what was happening. Like they later told, the men were little worried what their ladies were doing. Speaking to stranger people! Scaring…:). But we had nice talking there.

The younger women under 30 was too interested about me and asked ”was the sailboat yours?” ”Yes it is”, answered I. ”Are you staying the night there too?”, young woman asked. ”Of corse”, said I. ”Have you ever been in a sailboat and do you want to visit it?”, asked I. They havent been and of course wanted to visit it. So few of them came with me in our boat. It was little exciting to them because the boat is shaking when you walk on it.

The younger woman asked what is my work and I told her that I have now not permanent work and I’m seeking new one but also that I’m a blogwriter and writing two different blogs, one to the local big newspaper and the other my own blog. She became interested and told me she is a photographer. Oh mine god, so young and that kind of profession allready, I thought. I asked if she is in instagramm and finally I wrote her my blogs web addresses to a paperplate because I didnt got any paper to write. We decided to follow each others in Instagramm.

So the men of the family finally warmed up little and were discussing with my captain about marathonrunnings. It turned out that both (my captain and the father of the french family) had been running the Stockholm Marathon but in different years. Nice! They found some similarities.

The photographer asked me if she can take a photo of me. Oh mine god (again…), with these dirty clothes, thought I. ”Do you want me to clean the blueberries and take a photo about that?”, asked I. ”No, with the boat”, said she. ”Can you come again after few hours, after we have done this cleaning?” ”Okey”, she said and the mother said: ” Yes, we can come and bring some wine!” ”Allright, I have blueberries and mushrooms”, said I. So it seemed we were going to have some guests in the evening. Wau, like that it goes! Easy!

Then we cleaned our berries and I started to think quickly what shall I do to offer them with the coming wine. What I have in my boat? Help! After thinking I started to do pancakes to offer with blueberries, vanillasauce and blueberryjam and my newly picked mushrooms with onion and cream fried on pan. Then I cut some salad ingredients to many little plasticboxs because I didnt have any big bowl! Then I had ryebread which I thought I will warm in the gasoven and  dinner was ready!

Captain was in responsibily for the entertainment and he thought it would be nice to look for some music from Youtube with the IPAD. Just I was ready with my food and have changed my clothes, at least my blouse they arrived. There came the father, mother and the oldest daughter/ the photographer and the oldest son (under 30thies) and the youngest girl who was grandchild of the mother. Two sons had stayed to the cottage.

Well, our evening started with wine and we toasted to nice evening and to France and Finland! Wow!

I deserved my dinner and they said ”we were not expecting to have dinner here”. But its just normal hospitality to have something to offer when you get visitors. Of course! They came with winebag, french whitewine. Nice! And fortunately I had just enough wineglasses for everyone and peachnectar to the youngest one.

We started to discuss about Eurovision Song Contest because we mentioned that we can listen/look music from both France and Finland.  They knew Lordi and Rock Hallelujah! And said that even France havent got succes not many times in Eurovision song contest. Like we Finns recently. We also discussed little about Finlands Eurovision song of this year ”Aina mun Pitää” and the band Pertti Kurikan nimipäivät.

More wine perhaps.
More wine perhaps. Taken By BP.

I think it was The Bird and the Child we started music listening. Old Eurovision contest song from France. They mentioned also song ”Kuusamo” which they had heard and said the french version is a lovesong and asked what is Kuusamo-song and I said it is an advertisement of Kuusamo. Kuusamo is very beautiful place in northern Finland. And I have relatives there. Here is the version in French. The original is ”Africa” and is made by italian band Albatros.

maybe more wine again..
maybe more wine again..Taken By BP.

So our evening continued by listening and watching music from Youtube. I dont know if the second song is a good to show for foreigner but I think captain was just taken little too much wine…So he wanted us to look Jean-Pierre Kusela and his song ” Naurava Kulkuri” (laughing vagabond). But it got us laugh a little..:) and french mother wanted to get the link so she gave me her emailaddress so I could email her the link. Perhaps not a bad choice at all.

..I wonder what is coming next..
..I wonder what is coming next..Taken By BP.

Between the evening we took some photos outside and it was very nice colored sky and sea.

Young photographer
Young photographer

Two beauties
Two beauties

In the evening we also discussed about politics, Greeks situation, our neigbour Russia and their neighbour Germany, nurse profession, language differences, what lastnames means, what finnish words they knew and how they pronounce them and that was funny! Sorry! The ”karhu” sound so funny…

When we asked where they live they started to tell about Brittany. We first thought they live in Britain..:) but they meant the Bretagne (that we later at home realized). Brittany has a History! They told us that still there are hopes in Brittany to get Brittany to independent own country. Hmm, never guessed that. The mother told her grandfather had been in prison because he took part of the riot when brittany people fight for their independence. Or something like that. Brittany is also the area where Asterix and Obelix adventured and that is what we finnish people know better from Brittany! The Celts have settled Brittany and also the vikings have been there too.

Yeah, we got much new knowledge about France and Brittany. And hope we could give them also something new from Finland allthought they have been allready many times in Finland more than twice. They have had vacations earlier years in Finland in different places like Northern Finland, Rovaniemi and some other places. And I think they will come again and again, so it goes when you get admired/pleased some place.

At later in the evening we put our lovesonger Lauri Tähkä, Polte on state. And he is a hot lovesong Singer!

It was almost midnight when we finished our nice evening and they left the boat. It was so fantastic to get to know new people which were visiting our country. We had wonderful evening and would happily let that happen again.

One direction fan
One direction fan. Taken By BP.

This song is for one so pretty One direction fan.

Early next morning came the ferry and few french family members left the island to visit Uusikaupunki.

We met the family members again at afternoon when they arrived back from their visiting. I asked if I can write a blog about our meeting and put some photos to it too. Promised not to use their names in this blog.

Hope our new friends in France have arrived their home safely and relaxed after long journey to Finland. I will welcome you back again and maybe we might some day visit France! Never been there before so it would be the first time. I remembered you said the fabric of Beneteau is quite near Bretagne…

Music was here the first language we used to get know eachothers better. Music is language everyone can understand. Use it if you dont have better words!

Now my dear readers would you please leave a comment which you prefer: me to write sometimes in english or me to write only in finnish. And sorry my not so good english writing.

Have a nice starting autumn!

Me. Taken By BP.

In this blog is few photos taken by french family members. I have marked them with BP, not BB…



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