We were going to have a holiday week in autumn. There were possibilities to fly to South-Europa or rent a cottage from Finland. Well I knew what I wanted and after checking from Mökkiavain I found a nice cottage with good equipments from Pirkanmaa,  Ylöjärvi. Cottage’s name is Villa Hilja and it’s 5 stars place in Mökkiavain. We rented it after we both excepted it by looking ìt’s netsites.

DSC_1954 – Kopio (640x427)

At last came the exiting day when we would drive to our cottage. I took many equipments with us because we should not only stay in cottage those 5 days. I reserved a trail ride from nearby islandhorses stable Tuulensillan talli. I have ridden before but my captain hasn’t. So it was to get him little afraid and to get experience about something new instead of all the time only sail. I have been too many times afraid in sailboat.

We took also equipments for pathpacking.  There is nice national park near the cottage, Seitseminen. Also we shall pick some lingonberries,  it is just the right time to do that. We will be surrounded by forests so we might find some berries very near.

In the journey to our cottage we went shopping to a new Lidl in Loimaa. It’s the biggest one in Northern Europe,  I have heard said about it. Well it was big one. Congratulations to Loimaa! We visited also Ideapark in Lempäälä. There were going good sales so I fell and bought new shoes and a scarf. Oh mine good! Captain bought a book by 1 euro. Well I ”saved” more than 70 euros with my shoppings. 😆

Shoes made by Sievin Jalkine (made in Finland) and wool scarf by Marimekko.

When we arrived to our rent cottage there was the owner wellcoming us. He gave some advices about practical things we should know when staying in cottage and warming the fireplace and taking a row with the boat on lake.

Well taking first looks about the cottage I immediately was very pleased and secure it will be very nice and relaxing five days in that kind of well equipped cottage. And I was so right!

There was wc,  shower, sauna, all kitchen machines and dishes you should need. Also washingmachine and dryingcloset. Good terraces with sofa and armchairs. Boat on the beach and a grill tepee where you can grill, roast and also cook coffee with fire.

And the best, we were surrounded by beautiful nature, lake, forests, pine and spruce woods. Autumn was colouring all with its warm colours orange, ocra, yellow and still bit of summer green. The smell was nice outside. Sun warmed and wind blowed just to chill little my cheeks.

Trail riding with islandhorses – Tuulensillan talli

Next day we went to our riding to Tuulensillan talli. It turned to be very idyllic place with sheeps and chicken on yard. Very beautiful and peaceful place.

We walked to catch our horses from the fields and after that cleaned them with brushes and  the hoofs with hooks. Then we walked with them to fenced area where to make the final things before starting the trail riding. After everything was ready and we all sat on our saddles our riding was to begin.

Our trail ride started and it took 1 1/2 hours. We ride on roads and forest trails and paths. It was quite challenging because there were many hills to get up and down and trees were very near. But we all managed to ride very well…

Ronja, my speedy horse
Ronja, my speedy horse

We ride tolt many times on roads and it didn’t go well at first. I need to get down first to tight my stirrup because it didn’t stay on. My horse, Ronja was quite speedy and I couldn’t find first the right way to keep her on tolt instead of chancing to trot. At last I succeeded on that. Nice. Captain had the same problem and every other horses after us seem to follow what the first ones were doing. Oh dear!

It really felt good after riding and I was smiling all the time. It was challenging, funny and so relaxing to ride with islandhorses on forest trails. I will do that again. Captain was happy too and he succeeded well allthough it was his first time to ride with islandhorses. Now I could put my secret dream to his mind: few days Islandhorse wandering.  Yeees!

After horses were free they immediately wanted to roll around on ground. That was a nice look. See yourself.

Same day after we had arrived again our cottage and eaten lunch we went picking lingonberries. Just near the cottage. We cleaned them and left outside in buckets.

Next morning was quite foggy. I took some good photos and we went also rowing. Later we went again picking lingonberries and blueberries.  You get very good jam putting blueberries and lingonberries together. And that was what I did that evening. Captain read his new book which turned to be quite scary. He was the one who locked the doors very carefully at evenings….

DSC_1970 – Kopio (640x427)
The darkness surrounded us at evenings.


Foggy mornings were so beautiful and harmonic.

Rowing on lake was fun.

Seitseminen national park

Next day we drove to Seitseminen national park. The weather was again little foggy at morning. We walked about 8 kilometers along paths in deep old forests. It was very silent and peaceful. No other wanderings or animals. Some birds only.

I took video when driving to Seitseminen national park.


We light the campfire near Iso Kivijärvi where it is allowed to do. Very nice place for camping and doing food with fire. I cooked coffee and we staked some sausages and ate biscuits.






Human so small…

It was so silent when walking there that you could here when a leave was falling down from tree. Autumn. Yellow, orange, violet.


We found also some cranberries from marshes. They wasn’t enough ready to pick up  but tasted all ready very good.


So nice day in nature. We were just little tired after walking so that was that day. Only eating and warming the sauna after wandering.

When you are having a holiday week in a cottage you just need now and then something more than only being inside or outside of the cottage. Near Ylöjärvi there is many places you can visit. Some examples: Ikaalinen the spa, restaurant, dancing, hobbies and much more; Jämijärvi, Jämi, nature hobbies and aviation; Hämeenkyrö, Frantsila, organic herb farm and store and other direct sale stores.  In Ylöjärvi: Horse stables and Teivo, trotting track and of course Tampere, The 3th biggest town in Finland

We were very pleased and happy after our holiday in Ylöjärvi, Pirkanmaa, Finland. Would do that again!










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